2024 Scholarship Applications now available.    Only USW Local 13-2001 dues paying members students are available for this scholarship.  

Please make sure that your student reads the cover sheet for complete instructions.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.


If you have any questions, please contact Pamela at the Union Hall. 

Benefit Pay

Attached for your reference is the Defination of Benefit Pay


Rates & Union Dues


If you take a rated position, the company does not automatically stop your dues when you take the rate.  You need to contact our Office Manager, Pamela at pragnew@comcast.net  

In your email please include your Name, Employee ID# and the date you are being rated. If you do not stop your dues at the time you take the rated position, dues will continue to be deducted until you contact Pamela.  The effective date that your dues will stop is the date you contact her, not the date you were rated.

The Union has no way of knowing if you accept a rate unless you contact us.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pamela at the Union Hall at 281-427-1024.

AT&T Offers Discounts to Union Members

Union members can save 15% on monthly service charges of qualified AT&T wireless plans.  

Click on link for more details  https://j.b5z.net/i/u/10180108/f/ATT-_Union_Member_Flyer.pdf

And here are the Feburary 2022 offers for new and existing customers.  Click here for more details  

Drug & Alcohol Testing Program


This is to inform you that your Union leadership and ExxonMobil are bargaining changes proposed by the company to the Drug and Alcohol Testing program.  The proposed changes communicated to the Union leadership are around that of synthetic cannabinoids/synthetic weed.  This is also known as a designer drug.  This material is sold as an incent and is labeled not for human consumption.  However, it is reported that humans are consuming this by smoking it.   The Union has issued 3 information requests thus far and the parties have had one meeting and are scheduled to meet again on November 21, 2016.  Here is a list of brand names or street names of the herbal incense that are being sold and that are also being smoked K2, K2 Blond, K2 Blue, K2 Blueberry, K2 Cherry, K2 Citron, K2 Cloud 9, K2 Melon, K2 Pink, K2 Rasta, K2 Sex, K2 Summit, K2 Ultra, K2 Watermelon, K3, K3 Ultimate, Lava Red, Mr. Happy, Armageddon, Astral Blast, Black Mamba, Flue Fire, Bonzai, Cloud10, Coma, Demon Ritual Botanical, Fake Weed, Funky Green Stuff, Genie, Head Trip, Herbal Incense, Smoke, Super Kush, Texas Kush, Voodoo Spice, Zombie Twilight.  This is not an all inclusive list but it will give you some indication of the products that are on the market and that contain chemicals that are applied to the materials and if consumed by smoking and or burning this material will trigger areas of the brain that will give a person ingesting this smoke a similar high or sense of euphoria similar to marijuana.  Standard marijuana test and or drug test do not detect these chemicals and or metabolites produced by these chemicals.  Thus the company has proposed expanding the drug testing panel to include testing for these chemicals and or metabolites produced by the human body if these chemicals are ingested. 

The Union as always and in an unwavering stance is committed to safe and healthy work environment free of drugs and alcohol.  The glaring issue regarding this proposed change is that there are no regulated forensic standards for these types of urine tests.  There are no studies that show at what levels a person is impaired when utilizing these products.  There are no scientific studies and or reliability studies or proficiency studies that validate these testing methods.  Long story short this is a very complex and complicated issue before us and the Union Leadership is working to assure that the playing field is level and that the testing is reliable, proficient and accurate.  The Union leadership is also looking for any and everything that could or has caused false positive test for these chemicals and or metabolites.  The Union Leadership is also looking into that of the cut off levels in which the company has proposed for these chemicals and or metabolites.  The Union Leadership is also looking to solidify if there are any studies or reports on passive exposure or secondary inhalation of these products that may produce a positive urine test.    

While we continue to bargain this issue we will certainly keep you the membership aware.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns with this official communication please contact me direct. 


Ricky Brooks

USW Local 13-2001 President