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USW Local 13-2001 invites you to join us! Simply complete the Membership Application and return to our offices located at:

311 S. Highway 146
Baytown, Texas 77521

2012 Dues Structure

BTRF: $73.71
BTCP: $73.71
LABS: $74.83
CLERICAL: $61.81

Our dues are based on the average hourly pay of all represented employees within their bargaining group.  Because the averages for the BTRF and the BTCP members is within a few cents of each other, and to simplify the dues calculations for both our Local and International, we use the same amount for those two groups.  The Labs have fewer new employees who are making less that top rate, thus their average is a bit higher.  And our Clerical ladies, for the most part, have a lower hourly rate than the three other bargaining groups (add to that the fact the Company has not given them the raises they deserve for quite some time now).

In addition to the two hours weighted average pay, we additionally contribute $3.46/month to International for Organizing (which our International headquarter uses to help grow our membership) and $5.19/month to International for the Strike & Defense Fund (which we voted to participate in back in 2009).

Though our annual raises run from April to April, to coincide with our contract dates, International works on a January to January dues basis.  This simply means that the dues we pay each calendar year are based on our average hourly rates for January of that year.

If you have any question about your dues, please feel free to give me a call.

Mike Kovalcik
Local 13-2001

USW Local 13-2001
311 S. Highway 146
Baytown, Texas 77520 
Phone: PH: (281) 427-1024 FAX: (281) 427-0629

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